How long will it take to publish my book?
The process should typically be completed within four months. However, there are many factors that may speed up or delay your project. These factors include your book’s length, amount of editing needed, number and condition of photos/illustrations, etc. The best advice we can give is: make sure your content is finalized when you submit your materials to us, make sure you maintain regular communication with us, and respond promptly to our correspondence.
Will I own the copyright to my book?
Yes, your book will be copyrighted in your name. We will not purchase your book from you, and we will not own the copyright to your book.
Do I need to register my work in order to own the copyright?
In short, no. Current copyright law dictates that you own the copyright to your work as soon as you create it. In addition, unless you voluntarily give up your rights, your copyright does not expire until 70 years beyond your date of death.
However, registration with the US Copyright Office does establish a public record of your copyright claim. Furthermore, should you find it necessary to file an infringement suit in the future, your work must be registered before such a suit can be filed. Registration affords other advantages as well; visit the US Copyright Office website for more information.
How do I register my book with the US Copyright Office?
You must submit a completed copyright application, which may be done via mail or online. There is also an application fee; the fee for online registration is cheaper than that for mail-in registration. In addition to the application, you must submit two (2) copies of your book. Visit the US Copyright Office website for more information.
For an additional fee, we will complete the copyright registration process for you.