The purpose of this section is to educate and inform you of the benefits and pitfalls of publishing your book. Bloated Toe Publishing was started by an author—an author with the same aspirations, questions, and fears that you likely have. He wanted to write and publish books, but didn’t want to go deep into debt or give up his rights and control over his own work. After much research and thought, he and his partner decided to publish his books, and Bloated Toe was born. We’ve published over 80 books since then, both for ourselves and other authors. Along the way, we’ve learned a great deal and now hope to help other authors in their quest to write and publish their books.

The topics and scenarios discussed here are not meant to persuade or dissuade you in any way, nor are they meant to cut down other companies or methods. Again, the purpose of this section is to educate and allow you to make informed decisions about publishing your work.

While much of the information and advice included here can be applied equally to the publication of eBooks, we focus on printed books. Currently, we have the capability and tools to produce eBooks, but we specialize in publishing printed books. In fact, if choosing between publishing your book in print or eBook format, we highly recommend print. While eBooks have been growing in popularity in recent years, printed books remain the most popular by far, comprising roughly 75% of the overall market share. This is certainly subject to change in the coming years, but print is still king for now and the foreseeable future.

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