Below are the various services we provide. Some are typically included in the overall publishing project (i.e., included in the overall estimate/cost); others are optional and charged separately.

Included Services:

Book Formatting (Typesetting)

Formatting is the most significant, complex, and time-consuming portion of publishing a book. We arrange your text, photos, and other components; add headers and page numbers; set margins, fonts, and other design-related aspects; prepare the covers—back, front, and spine; and perform other additional tasks necessary to prepare your book for print.


To produce a professional, credible product, your book should be proofread and edited to minimize or eliminate formatting, grammatical, spelling, and other errors. The time and cost for these activities will, of course, depend on the size of your book and the extent of work needed.

Cover Design/Creation

We will design your book covers if you wish. Most authors require at least some cover design services. Many have a color scheme in mind and have chosen photos or illustrations, but require our services to “put it all together.” Others have no idea and ask us to design a cover from scratch.

Photo Work

If your book will have photos or illustrations, we will prepare them for placement and printing. The final images must have a resolution of at least 300 DPI and a CMYK or grayscale color profile. The time and cost will depend on the amount of work your images require.

If you provide hard-copy images, we will need to scan them. If you have older images, they may require retouching. Images may also require resizing, cropping, conversion to CMYK or grayscale, etc.


If you wish to have your book included in the Library of Congress (LOC) catalog, you will need a Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN), a cataloging number assigned to books that may be added to the LOC collection.

After the book is printed, one copy of the book must be sent to the LOC’s Cataloging in Publication (CIP) Division. Assignment of an LCCN and submission of a book to the CIP Division does not guarantee the book will be added to the LOC collection.


If you wish to sell your book in stores and/or to libraries, you will need an ISBN. As a publisher, we purchase multiple ISBNs at once so we may provide one for each book we publish. We also use the ISBN to create a barcode (see below) for your book. When your book is finished, we will enter its description, price, and other information into Bowker’s Books in Print.

NOTE: You may wish (or be required) to purchase your own ISBN. If this is the case, we will incorporate your ISBN into a barcode, but you will be responsible for entering your book into Bowker’s Books in Print. Also note that different formats (e.g., hardcover, softcover, eBook) of your book require a separate ISBN for each format.


If you wish to sell your book in stores or online, you will need a barcode. We will create a barcode that incorporates your ISBN and retail price (or the price only, if your book does not have an ISBN).


When your book is ready (i.e., it has been properly formatted, edited, etc.), we will finalize the file for printing and binding. The cost for this final production step will depend on your book’s number of pages, trim size , number of copies, and your various design and format choices (e.g., paper and cover stock, use of color inside and/or on the covers, etc.).


When your final product is finished, we will arrange delivery. Time, place, method, and cost will depend on your location and other factors.

Additional/Optional Services:

Your copyright begins as soon as you put your material in tangible form, so when you write your book, it automatically is copyright protected, even before you send it to a printer/publisher or register your work with the US Copyright Office. Registration with the US Copyright Office does establish a public record of your copyright claim. Furthermore, should you find it necessary to file an infringement suit in the future, your work must be registered before such a suit can be filed. Registration affords other advantages as well; visit the US Copyright Office website for more information.

If you wish, we can complete the registration for you. This service is optional and is charged separately. We will need some basic information from you in order to complete the application. Following application submission, we must send two (2) copies of your book to the Copyright Office. We will also act as your liaison should any issues arise. The copyright registration processing time varies. Once complete, the Copyright Office will send your certificate to us; we will check it for accuracy and forward it to you.


We do not specialize in marketing and promotion. By this, we mean that we do not take on the responsibility of advertising your book, producing promotional materials, scheduling appearances for you, etc.

We do typically list the books we publish on our website ( We also occasionally produce catalogs and inserts featuring books we have published. Should we include your book in any or all of these venues, we do not charge anything for doing so.

We are also involved in various promotional activities throughout the year (e.g., The North Country Authors, book fairs, book signings) and we will try to inform you of these opportunities if you wish to participate.

Sales and Fulfillment

We sell our books and books by many other authors and publishers in our North Country Store. If you wish, and if your book fits well with the types of books we sell, we will list your book for sale in our online store. It will be your responsibility to supply us with books so we may fulfill orders promptly (otherwise your book will be delisted or listed as “Out of Stock”). When orders are received, we will properly pack and ship your book to the buyer. We do charge a fee for this service, but only when books sell. We will periodically remit proceeds to you and provide you with sales reports.

NOTE: We generally do not handle wholesale orders for authors. Having your book available for sale in our online store does not preclude you from selling your book elsewhere—online or otherwise, retail or wholesale—or placing it with a distributor (make sure to check the distributor’s policies).

Web Design

You may wish to have your own website to promote your book(s) and yourself as an author. You may also wish to sell your book(s) from your own website. We do offer web design services and give a 10% discount for those services to our book-publishing clients. This discount applies to our time/labor involved in the initial site build/design only. The discount does not apply to additional fees/purchases made on the client’s behalf (e.g., domain name, hosting, premium themes and plugins), or to ongoing maintenance fees, subsequent redesigns, etc. Visit our Web Design site for details on what we offer. These services are completely optional and billed separately.